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Located in central South America, Bolivia is a rugged, geographically diverse, and multi-ethnic country. Sometimes referred to as the Tibet of the Americas, Bolivia is a remote country waiting to be explored. One of the most extraordinary attractions, Salar de Uyuni, a vast expanse of dazzling white surrounded by mountains, is the world’s largest salt lake. Parque Nacional Madidi is home to diverse South American flora and fauna. Visit ruins from the beginnings of Andean civilization, including Tiwanaku, an intriguing archeological sites. Top it off in the architecturally stunning Potosi, the highest city in the world and a legendary silver-mining center. Bike on the world’s most dangerous road, plunging from the Andes to the lush Amazon. While touring the capital city of La Paz, stroll through the Witches’ Market to get a taste of Aymara mysticism and herbal medicine that mingles with the modern city. Potatoes feature heavily in Bolivian cooking, including in dishes such as pique a lo macho, grilled chunks of meat in a slightly spicy sauce with tomatoes and onion on potatoes.

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