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Colombia, located on the equator, is the fourth largest country in South America. Birthplace of magical realism, Colombia boasts an incredible diversity in geography and culture. Go whale-watching on the Pacific Coast, hiking in the Andes, or river-cruising in the Amazon. Colombia is a bird-watchers paradise and with more bird diversity (over 1800 native species) than any other nation. Recently designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, Colombia's Coffee Culture Landscape includes six eco-friendly farming communities in the foothills of the Cordillera de los Andes and features beautiful scenery, historic coffee mansions, and farmhouses. The island of San Andrés is a popular site for scuba-diving and well-known for its white sand, red corals. The capital city of Bogota is known for its plentiful shopping, from local handicrafts to designer goods. Taste the diversity and sweetness of Colombia at the fruit markets, with overflowing stalls of the fresh, colorful orchids that have come to symbolize this nation. Year-round carnivals and parades, like the Flower Fair or the Carnival of Barranquilla, fill the streets with beauty and rhythm, celebrating Spanish, Indian, and African traditions.

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