regionWestern Europe
GovernmentFormFederal Republic

Welcome to germany!

What comes to mind when you think of Germany? Picturesque medieval towns, Alpine castles, various festivals celebrating wine and beer—perhaps the ultra modern haute couture of Berlin or Munich? Surely, whatever travel-cachet Germany loses in its lack of tropical beaches, she recoups in fabulous diversity of culture, urbanity, and regional treasures. Neither should one forget that Germany has remarkable seasonal beauty in its landscapes. Yet, despite its largely temperate climate and rich history, many of us fail to appreciate how amenable Germany is to outdoor travel. As an alternative to the beach tourism of southern Europe, Germany’s coastlines along the Baltic and North Seas reflect a millennia of seafaring tradition and maritime trade. The centuries-old fishing villages, hillside villas, and stately manor homes the Hanseatic towns share a mosaic landscape of dramatic cliffs and sandy bays with modern seaside resorts and global seaports. Meanwhile the forests and villages of the interior offer a myriad of active adventures and scenic pleasures. The towns of the Black Forest follow the contours of the Rhine in the west and showcase Germany’s unique artisanal heritage. On the eastern border, near the Czech Republic and Austria, the Bavarian Forest, known as the "green roof of Europe", is a hikers paradise; and, not to be outdone, the Harz region boasts the highest peak in Germany, the legendary Brocken summit, where long ago the druids danced around boiling cauldrons and the German fairy tale was born. Why not go outdoors in Germany this summer?

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