Naoussa, Greece

Welcome to Naoussa, Paros!

Naoussa is a seaside village on the Greek island of Paros, in the Cyclades. Despite its small size, Naoussa has a rich history: in the 18th century war between Russia and Turkey’s Ottoman Empire, Naoussa was the headquarters of Russian naval commander Count Orlov, who succeeded in destroying the Ottoman fleet. Today the harbor is dominated not by warships, but by local fishermen, and it has become the town’s most popular spot for photos. Naoussa also features photogenic architecture made from the celebrated Parian white marble, one of Paros’s chief revenue sources. The village’s culinary specialties include grilled octopus, karvalous—boiled snails in a rich garlic sauce—and gouna, a dish of seasoned, grilled mackerel. The village also features a wide range of bars and “ouzeries”, restaurants that serve ouzo, an anise-flavored aperitif, with a variety of appetizers and small dishes. From Naoussa, the other beaches and towns of Paros are easily accessible by car, with attractions including swimming, windsurfing, and Parikia’s “Church of a Hundred Doors”.

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TRADITIONAL VILLA IN NAOUSSA – PAROS ISLAND Located in the center of the fishing village of Naoussa(1 min walk from the picturesque port) ...