regionNorthern Africa
GovernmentFormConstitutional Monarchy

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Located in Northern Africa, Morocco is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and inland mountains and desert. A few hours from Europe, Morocco pulses with the rich colors, smells, and sounds of Islamic Africa. Here, one can experience bustling souqs and spice markets, stunning mosques, white-washed seaside towns, and medieval city centers. Seaside Casablanca is a modern metropolis, home to the Hassan II mosque, the second largest mosque in the world. Wander through the lively souqs (markets) of Marrakesh, a former imperial capital, or, when evening falls, listen to Arabic story tellers in Africa’s largest square. Traditional leather tanning factories are available for tours. Escape the bustle of the major cities at beach towns, like Asilah or Essaouira. Up in the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen, with its infamous blue-washed buildings, is a picturesque entrance point to the impressive High Atlas Mountains. To really leave the cities of Morocco behind, travel across the Sahara sand dunes on camel-back at Erg Chebbi and spend the night in a desert tent, under the starry sky.

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