regionWestern Europe
GovernmentFormConstitutional Monarchy

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The Kingdom of the Netherlands, or the Netherlands for short, is also often called Holland in English, while the people, language, and culture of the Netherlands are referred to as "Dutch". Quite a few travelers visit the Netherlands to enjoy its tolerant stance on everything from marijuana to prostitution. Of course it should be noted that these attitudes toward drug and sex tourism are still regulated by the government and fall within the purview of enforced laws; and many visitors also enjoy the more traditional attractions of European tourism. Of course, Amsterdam is a travel hub due to its striking architecture, beautiful canals, and world-famous museums. Visitors may also choose to explore the historic town of Delft, renown for its blue and white ceramics. Since much of the country is flat and near sea level, many cyclists enjoy touring the picturesque country-side and villages in the Waterland and Zaan regions, such as Broek-in-Waterland or Marken on two wheels. Of course the Dutch Windmills of Kinderdijk and Schiedam should not be missed. Similarly, the western coast has one of the most visited North Sea beaches, where travelers can try the ubiquitous Dutch treat of cured herring and chopped onion. New herring (Hollandse Nieuwe), a special treat, is usually available in June and July.

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