united kingdom
NameUnited Kingdom
regionBritish Islands
LocalNameUnited Kingdom
GovernmentFormConstitutional Monarchy

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Experience the best of old and new Europe in England! While England is sometimes labeled rainy, tourists should note rainfall is predominantly a winter phenomenon and mainly so in the north and west. Summers can be quite dry, and cities in the south and east, like London, average lower annual rainfall than Paris or New York. With a temperate climate there’s lots to do all year round. Whether exploring historical sites like Hadrian’s Wall and Stonehenge or natural wonders in the New Forest National Park or Kew Gardens, England will amaze with variety and beauty. Tour picture postcard villages on quilted landscapes in the Yorkshire Dales, traipse the heather and heath-covered Moors, or take-in impressive sea cliffs at Dover and resorts in Brighton. Travel could not be easier in multi-lingual and multi-cultural England, where the people are world-famous for politeness. The capital city, London, is the largest metropolitan area in Western Europe and boasts events like Wimbledon and Royal Ascot annually and this year, the 2013 City of London Festival beginning on 23 June. Why not visit England this year?

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