How to Rent

Vacation Rental properties offer an affordable alternative to make your vacation unforgettable. Search vacation homes, condos, cabins, beaches houses, bed & breakfasts and more. Voyage Rentals never charges fees or commissions for using and booking through our website.


Find the perfect vacation spot using our interactive map on the home page.


  • Select a destination from the interactive map and browse through the available listings.
  • Refine your search based on your preferences by using our advanced search feature.
  • Search vacation homes, condos, cabins, beaches houses, bed & breakfasts and more. We have them all!







Review property details, submit inquiries directly to property owners and book the perfect vacation rental.

  • Review details of the property such description, photos, availability, amenities, prices, special instructions, and more.
  • When ready, contact the owner through our easy to use email form on the property description page.
  • Easily contact all property owners for the rentals you are interested in.






Book your property

  • When you have reached an agreement with the property owners, they will offer a written Rental Agreement to confirm details of your reservation. The Rental Agreement should include arrival/departure dates, rates and payment schedule, pet policies, if any, refund and cancelation terms as well as any other conditions.
  • Pay the deposit to owners. Generally owners ask for a property damage deposit to secure your reservation. (Please refer to our renting tips for a safe renting experience).





Check In

  • Make sure you have driving directions, information in how to get access to the vacation rental, and property owner contact information before you travel.
  • Check-in into your vacation rental.
  • Review the property carefully. The owner will ask you to confirm that the arrangements meet your expectations.
  • Enjoy your stay at the vacation rental.
  • After your stay, you will receive an email asking to write a review of the property on VoyageRentals.com. Please take the time to share you experience with other travelers.


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